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General Assembly of the International Conference of Railwaymissions, Salzburg November 2012

On November the 16th 2012 represen­tatives of the national organisations from Germany, France, Austria and Italy arrived in Salzburg to take part at the International Conference of Railwaymissions. The official meeting was held in the morning. After welcoming all members and friends the President Marga Schmidl reported about the work of the last two years and the activities of the board. Afterwards the minutes of the General Assembly from November 2010 in Florence and the annual balance of 2010 and 2011 were permitted. The revisers had no complaints. Also the Budget of 2012 and 2013 were presented. The Board was accepted concordantly. Over the course of the day the representatives of the national organisations reported about activities and news in their countries. Finally Gerhard Bürgmann the webmaster from Austria presented the new homepage of the International Conference. The homepage was launched a short gime before the GA took place and it had a good take-up. In the afternoon there were held talks about „social work in and around the railwaystation“. Franz Neumayer, the general secretary of Caritas Salzburg reported about the history and the current developments of social work using the example of the railwaymission Salzburg. Hannes Rothbucher, head of the railwaymission Salzburg gave us an insight in the work and offers of the railwaymission Salzburg. Finally Andrea Sontheim, head of the catholic railwaymission Munich reported about the work and offers of their railwaymission Munich. In the evening there was a guided tour through the Erzabtei Stift St. Peter. Afterwards Caritas Salzburg invited to a dinner in the restaurant Pauli Stuben. The program of the GA, the talks and especially the exchange between the partipicants of the different countries were much valued and appraised.

Article by: Bernard Dussaucy on 2013-04-03

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